Furniture Care
In order to keep the furniture in sound condition and long lasting, regular maintenance and some prevention are required. Our organization recommend certain suggestions, so that clients can take proper care of their furniture. Following are some of the useful points:


    • Furniture are not to be placed under direct sunlight or in damp areas
    • Heavy-duty center drawer guides
    • Spills should be wiped up immediately
    • Furniture should not be placed directly under windows
    • Plastic material such as placemats, notebooks and lamp bases should not be kept on the furniture directly as certain plastics may react with the finish and cause damage


        • Furniture should be dust frequently using a clean, dry, and lint free cloth
        • In order to remove accumulated dust or wax build up on old furniture, a soft lint-free cloth dampened in warm water having mild detergent should be used
        • After wiping the furniture, the surface should be dried thoroughly using dry, clean, and lint-free cloth
        • Furniture polish should be applied in the direction of the wood grain and this should be done every six months
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